As a property owner you are well aware that guest ratings directly impact bookings and revenue.

There are more rooms available worldwide today through Airbnb than the largest single worldwide hotel chain! In just two decades, this phenomenon has revolutionized the hospitality industry. The trend is likely to continue as it is consistent with travel and vacation behaviors of millennials and others. With the infrastructure created by Airbnb and similar booking products, it has become rather easy for investors to enter this market and product revenue streams to support further investment in real estate.

Perhaps the biggest challenges facing new investors is that they are entering the hospitality industry a “novice’s”. This results in the risk of making mistakes that cause poor ratings – and ultimately reduced bookings and the needed revenue to maintain a profitable investment. While Airbnb and similar providers do a good job of handling bookings, payments, and the basic marketing of the location, there are still important missing pieces. Too often, it’s the little things that cause ratings to drop.

Too often, vacation rentals have been outfitted with products that appear to have come from “Goodwill” or other second-hand stores! What a terrible mistake, I always give clear advice –

“Make sure everything is coordinated to mirror the experience the guests are expecting”

After converting and outfitting many properties to become vacation rentals, it didn’t take long to realize that the hours and days to source, acquire and purchase all the necessities for a well stocked kitchen with all the tools you would have at home was absorbing any profits.

I created my extensive list of everything you need for your Airbnb and then I decided to take it further and reached out to my friends in the hospitality industry to help me put together complete product sets to streamline the purchasing for housewares.

In Kristine’s quest to solve problems for real estate professionals, investors, and service providers, Kristine has assembled products and services necessary to improve and simplify vacation rental ownership. These products help increase guest satisfaction, reduce costs, eliminate hours for sourcing, and improve income for property owners.

Today, one purchase from the Luxury Look Loft can deliver a large shipment with all the housewares needed to fully outfit your vacation rental.

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