Did you know that your space is a direct reflection of your brand? What does your space say about you?

We have assisted many corporations and business owners by setting the stage so to speak, such as TD Ameritrade, product launches, TV Commercials, set designing,  staging lobbies, community centers, common areas and models for marketing purposes, photoshoots and client experiences, to transforming spaces for events or consult on live and virtual presentations in regards to the background, clothing, signage and furniture, to insure that the many potential distractions are eliminated before your clients, guest or attendees arrive.

When it comes to showcasing your work whether you build custom cabinets, sell products such as tile, stone, mirror’s or lighting for example, having a professional stager work with your photographers to make sure that the images and spaces surrounding it are ready for the camera can determine whether the time and cost associated with it is not lost.

You have a lot of details to handle when running your business, let us remove the distractions for the best possible results.

We have teamed up with non-other than Shane Baker Studios for our Corporate Branding clients.

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